SMS Send is a Text Messaging Service Software that is used to target UK Clients.


Breaking News:

Designed with almost every business in mind, this new Messaging software has just been launched by a company called SMS Messaging UK, as a new facility to create personalised Messages.


Allowing up to 160 characters per message, it has the dual capability to send out text messages automatically in single personalised form, or via its CSV utility in bulk.

This was developed as its long been established that almost all of us carry hand held devices, so it’s more productive to reach our modern living and fashionable market by text rather than email, especially with email’s ever growing junk mail pitfalls.

Also aside from text having a greater reach, not everyone has email accessibility on their mobile phones and some never get around to setting up an email account, whereas the text facility is included on their phone as standard.

Your phone is also known to have better instant recognition than any other alert. We all automatically respond as it always has an expectation of urgency!

Today, the UK population is now one of the biggest owners, ranking in the first quarter of all countries, and the mobile is always near at hand. So true; it ‘sleeps’ with us at night and is awake and charged up with us during the day.

For business users therefore, it has to be ‘a new sales avenue’ to prompt clients from a simple press of the computer button to send messages with promotion offers for example on slower days. Whereby, personal messaging can for the first time now act as the perfect automatic minder for clients that they are now due for their next appointment or save now; which is no mean trick when one company called ‘ Very ‘reported in the Daily Mail that texting had increased their sales by a massive 70%.

So we feel that such low priced fully automatic software where customers receive a personal reminder service, plus click and buy direct on your website all on their phones, can’t be bad. For more Inquires to SMS Messaging UK Services Tel: +44 208 373 0055 or sign up for your free 10 credits to get started and try our software @




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